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Simply ‘Paw’some

With TailsLife, your pet parenthood will never be the same again. Here are a list of power packed features to ease your pet care journey

Custom Content

Custom Content

Cat or dog, get personalised content based on your pet’s type & age.

Pet services

At Your Service

Find a groomer, boarder and vets in your vicinity with just a click

Publish your tales

Tell Your Tales...

Share your pet’s tales and also, seek advice from the experts.



Are you a pet service provider? Or want to reach out to us? That's great! Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you soon.

Your Tale?

Vikram, a 30-year-old IT professional, has just moved into a new city. A bored loner, he blindly decides to adopt a month-old kitten. Soon, he would figure that finding the nearest vet or a pet store is no cakewalk.

Sita and Anand are newly-weds that are proud parents to a six-month-old Labrador, Fido. But they struggle to divide time between work and pet care. Fido grows aggressive and their house is a mess.

These are common scenarios in every growing city. Finding good vets, grooming salon or a boarder is tedious. Raising a pet also limits your social life, when pet-friendly restaurants and resorts are inaccessible. Enter TailsLife. A pet care app committed towards making pet parenting hassle-free.

We guide you at every stage of your pet’s life by ticking all the above boxes.

Step into the new era of pet parenting with TailsLife!

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