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Welcome to the tailslife!

Breed no bar tailored content for your furry friend! Paint the town red as we bring you the best pet services in town. We bring to you the grooviest forum, so what are you waiting for? Shake a leg with fellow pet parents and experts, share whacky stories of your four legged clown and even post a goofy click of him! Get going

About tailslife!

Did you just bring home a cuddly little pooch or a cute little kitten? And are you new to pet parenting? We all know that raising a pet is not easy, especially if you are new to the city as well. So, Tailslife is the answer to all your pet problems. It guides you to the new age of pet parenting.

Tailslife is a pet care app that makes pet parenting an easier task. So, do not waste your time surfing the net searching for a vet or a grooming service. We have them all handpicked just for you!

Here is what we offer:

  • We provide tailor made content according to your pet’s age and breed. We guide you in taking care of your pet at each stage starting from their birth to old age. Get regular health tips and recipes that you can cook for your furry buddy.
  • We help you connect with the best vets in the city, provide access to the coolest grooming services and help you find a good boarding place for your pet to stay while you are away.
  • We also have an interactive forum which we call ‘tales’. You can post a picture of your four legged clown as well as have your queries answered by the experts from Himalaya.

Why Tailslife?

Vikram just moved into the city. He’s a 30 something singleton who works for a well known MNC. Since he’s single he also gets lonely at times so he decides to adopt a month old kitten. Sadly, he spends most of his time surfing the net as well as asking his neighbours about the nearest vet and pet store!

Sita and Anand are a newly married couple who are proud parents to a 6 month old Labrador. They find it quite difficult to raise Fido as they are new to pet parenting. Since both of them work they find it difficult to spend enough time with their pet. As a result Fido shows destructive behaviour and their house is always in a mess!

This is a common scenario in our growing city. New pet parents do not know where to find good vets or a grooming salon. Since nuclear family is become quite popular in our society, people do not know where to leave their pet if they are going on a vacation. Having a pet also limits your social life if you do not know about pet friendly restaurants and resorts.

This is where we step in to offer a helping hand virtually to new age pet parents. Tailslife is a pet care app committed in making pet parenting a hassle free job. We guide you at each stage of your pet’s life as we have content tailor made for your pet’s breed and type. You get regular healthy tips as well as interesting recipes that you can cook for your four legged buddy.

We put you in touch with the best vets in the city as well as provide access to the grooviest grooming salons. You can also share funny and interesting tales about your pet in our forum and connect with other pet parents.

So, step into the new era of pet parenting with Tailslife!

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